Get more leads for your PPC & Paid Media agency

Our PPC & Paid Media leads are offered on a pay-per-lead basis. We generate PPC & Paid Media leads organically through our network of PPC & Paid Media websites (like this one), and via PPC & Social Media. These leads are simultaneously distributed to up to three PPC & Paid Media agencies.

Cost Effective: Utilising a pay-per-lead model, PPC & Paid Media agencies achieve greater cost efficiency in their marketing endeavours, enabling them to allocate advertising budgets more effectively by only paying for received leads, rather than the higher costs of generating PPC & Paid Media leads through conventional advertising methods.

Flexibility: The pay-per-lead model offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing PPC & Paid Media agencies to adjust their lead acquisition efforts according to demand. This means PPC & Paid Media agencies can activate or deactivate their PPC & Paid Media lead generation as needed, ensuring they can manage their workflow and resource allocation efficiently without committing to continuous ad spend.

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